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Your community is the solution,
our tech is the vessel.

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  • Reminds patients to take their medicine

  • Notifies loved-ones when they forget

  • Generates verifiable adherence reports

Powered by behavioral decision science


COAD - Your Accountability Buddy 

One Platform
Two Components

COAD Pillbox


Our revolutionary smart pillbox features wide, finger-shaped compartments designed for seamless pill extraction.

Sensors in the compartments detect whether you have taken your medication and communicate with the COAD app to inform our reminder and report system.


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Our user-friendly mobile app automatically syncs with the COAD pillbox to accurately determine whether you have taken your medications.

The app's powerful reminder system notifies you and your loved ones when you miss your medication to help keep you on track! 

How COAD Works

1. Simplicity


Add your medication schedule and up to 5 family members, friends, or caregivers as your "team" into the user-friendly COAD app.

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Load your pills into the COAD pillbox. The app and pillbox automatically sync and update via Bluetooth. All set!


2. Reminders that Work

When it's time to take your medicine, COAD will send you a friendly reminder. If you take your pill, you're good to go! 

But when your forget...

COAD will call in your "team" to nudge you back on track. Both you and a succession of up to 5 of your team members will receive reminder notifications until you take your medicine. 

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3. Improves Long-term Health Outcomes


The COAD app empowers you with daily, monthly, and ongoing adherence reports that you can share with your accountability buddies or doctors.



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Healthcare providers can utilize COAD's adherence reports to make data-driven decisions and personalize your care plan.

Understand your habits:

Get the most out of your 15-minute doctor's visit:

Join the COAD Community

You shouldn't have to manage your medications alone. Use COAD to streamline your day-to-day routine and loop in the ones who care- your loved ones and healthcare providers.

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