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Our Story

The idea for COAD came after Rose's dad and co-founder, Bill, was diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. Despite knowing the high risks associated with missing his pills, Bill struggled to adhere to his medication regimen—he would just forget. Six-months post-diagnosis, Bill had a stroke which was terrifying for him, his family, and his doctors. Rose began calling him daily to remind him to take his medicine, staying on the line until he took his pill. Her dad's adherence skyrocketed from 70%-100% and Rose restored her peace of mind. Bill and Rose got together with their friends and co-founders, Loan Anh and Rosh, who share a similar passion for medication adherence. Together, we transformed this personal experience into a product that we can share with the world. 

From personal experience to a shareable product


Where we started, Where we are, Where we're going

September 2021


COAD was founded.

Fall 2021

Research & Validation

  • Customer Identification: 500 stakeholder interviews

  • Validation Research: Wizard of Oz Test

          - 34% improvement in adherence

          - 80% preference for COAD pillbox

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